Physicians FAQ

What is locum tenens?

It all started as research into how to improve accessibility to healthcare in underserved areas, mostly rural communities. Today locum tenens are utilized across the U.S. by medical facilities or medical groups to fill in gaps. Here at NeuroLocums, we specialize in all neuroscience related specialties.

NeuroLocums works for you

Here at NeuroLocums we promise to provide you with “concierge-like” service. Our representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with any part of the locums process. We know your time is valuable and better spent connecting with the jobs, colleagues and communities that need your expertise. Whether you are starting your medical career, want to experience different practice settings, or looking to create more flexibility in your schedule, we will provide you with the best opportunities tailored to your situation!

What are the benefits of being a locum tenens physician?

Locum tenens physicians are able to have flexible work schedules, excellent pay, and the opportunity to experience different practice settings. Locums allows both the locum tenens physician and other medical professionals to have a better work life balance. Whether you want more time with family, hobbies, continuing education, or traveling, locum tenens can provide the flexibility and freedom to enjoy both your professional and personal life while making a difference in our communities. At NeuroLocums, we want you to have the opportunity to decide which path your career takes!

Locum tenens pay

Locum tenens has the added benefit of allowing you to choose your pay based on the assignment details, i.e., length of coverage, procedures, shifts worked, etc. Before any assignment starts, a confirmation letter will detail the mutually agreed upon pay rate. As an independent contract, you keep track of your hours worked and submit a work record reflecting the work done during that time. NeuroLocums pays physicians on a weekly basis.

Physicians who work in locum tenens are classified as independent contractors, therefore we do not withhold taxes. We cannot provide tax advice, however, there are many benefits to working as an independent contractor and it is in your best interest to speak with a tax advisor to take advantage of any benefits.

How does travel work?

We provide all of our physicians with excellent service and arrange all travel details. NeuroLocums typically covers airfare, lodging, and car rental. Our world class travel team will help coordinate with you to ensure we accommodate your needs/wants to the best of our ability.

How do I get credentialed for my assignments?

Once an assignment has been confirmed, our credentialing team will request, prefill, and forward the facility privileging application to our physicians. We will only prefill information we have and are legally allowed to fill on your behalf. As the provider it is your responsibility to review the application for accuracy. Once  completed, we will assist the facility with gathering the remaining documents required to ensure a timely completion of the credentialing process. This is why we request that all credentialing information be turned around within a 24-hour period.

What if I need to obtain or reactivate a state license?

We know that the process of obtaining or reactivating a state license can be daunting. As a travelling physician, many opportunities could be outside of the states you currently practice in. NeuroLocums has experienced licensing experts who work with our physicians to assist in the process of obtaining or reactivating a license. Taking the guess work out of the licensing process and walking you every step of the way.

What about medical malpractice insurance?

All of NeuroLocums' credentialed physicians are provided excellent medical malpractice insurance at no charge. We also assist in the process of enrolling in the state patient compensation fund should an assignment be confirmed in a state that requires this enrollment.

What about healthcare benefits?

Locum tenens are classified as independent contractors which offers you the flexibility to create your own work schedule. As an independent contractor however, you are not eligible for healthcare benefits through NeuroLocums.

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